Newbury Park MasjidNewbury Park Masjid
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Bank details: Al Rayyan Bank

Bank: HSBC Plc Sort
Code: 40-06-30
Account Number: 34005090
Timings – for weekday madrassa – Monday to Thursday 5pm to 7pm During School Term Time
Timings – for weekend Madrassa – Saturday 10am to 12.45pm

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Newbury Park Masjid
Madrassah Administration Team, Newbury Park Madrassah, 117 Oaks Lane, IG2 7PY. Contact Number 07738762524

Madrassah Teaching Team

Ustaadha Ambreen Khattak

Class Teacher

Ustaadha Ambreen is a Teacher of the eldest children (highest class) in Newbury Park Madrasa. She also teaches in Al Huda UK International.
Ustaadha Ambreen has taken specialist ijaaza to teach ‘Taleem Ul Qur’an, Roohi Ul Bayaan and Sahee Bukhari (Hadith) from Al Huda UK International. Ustaadha Ambreen has an MBA in Finance and Management).

Ustaadha Nadira Atallah

Class Teacher

Ustaadha Atallah studied up to A-Levels in Arabic and French in Algeria. Ustaadha Atallah is a qualified French Teacher and is proficient in English, Arabic and French.
Ustaadha Atallah’s professional background is a support teacher in a Primary School.

Ustaadha Asia Naz

Class Teacher

Ustaadha Shakila Siddique

Ustaadha Afshan Neveed

Class Teaching Assistant

A committed, eager and a passionate learner of Quran. Has been focused on the Quran for the past 8 years and bettering her recitation by learning all the rules of tajweed. Ustaadha has done so by attending many established Islamic institutes and learning online with Imam of Regents Mosque and a private Ustaadha. She is also teaching Quran at other institutes. She is able to combine her love for reciting Quran and working with children. Finally, she has been working towards achieving my Ijaza qualification.
· Bachelor of Art in Islamic studies, English Language and additional language (Persian)
· Fatima Jinnah college, Gujrat Pakistan
· Redbridge Institute of Adult Education, Gaysham Ave, Ilford IG2 6TD
Work experience:
· Mid-day assistant – Christchurch Primary School
· Home Madrasah – Tawheed Academy Chadwell Heath
· Weekend Madrasah
· Evening Madrasah – Newbury Park Masjid.